Candy, costumes and… pedestrian accidents this Halloween?

Pedestrians are always at risk of getting struck by a passing vehicle, whether in Georgia or in another state. It could be caused by an inattentive driver or an intoxicated driver; people on the sidewalks and crossing the street can get seriously hurt if struck by a motor vehicle.
Pedestrian accidents may not be at the front of people’s minds tonight as they head out to go trick-or-treating with their kids. But according to the AAA, parents should be mindful of the potential dangers when going out on Halloween night.
While pedestrians are always at risk of getting hit by a vehicle, the number of fatal pedestrian accidents is higher on Halloween than on any other night of the year. Even more saddening is that kids are four times more likely to be hit by a vehicle on Halloween than at other times.
This could be due to the increase in the number of pedestrians that are out and about. Another factor could be drivers who are coming home from Halloween parties at night with limited visibility. And while it is nearly impossible to control the actions of random driver, are there ways parents can reduce the risk of a pedestrian accident on Halloween night?
The AAA gave several suggestions on how parents can make this Halloween a memorable and safe holiday. One tip was to avoid taking shortcuts across streets. Instead parents and kids should stick to crosswalks and well-lit areas. Parents can also take precautions by adding reflective material to a costume to increase visibility.
But there is no way to plan for an accident. What if a driver, momentarily distracted, runs a stop sign and hits someone? Does the victim have any way to hold the driver responsible?
Those who are driving on Halloween night should know that there are trick-or-treaters likely to be in the neighborhoods. But if a child or parent is injured in a pedestrian accident, they can seek compensation for injuries and even lost wages from a deerfield beach injury attorney.