A divorce is not just an emotional separation for New Jersey couples, but also a financial separation from a former spouse. Many New Jersey couples make financial mistakes during the divorce process that impact them for the rest of their lives. It is best not to treat a divorce as solely an emotional decision but rather as a business negotiation in which your financial priorities are at the fore of the negotiation process.

Forbes reports that the most important way to make sure that your financial goals are not discounted in divorce negotiations is to build a winning divorce team. An experienced divorce and family law attorney is an essential part of a divorce team and will make sure that your divorce does not drain you emotions and your pocketbook.

An experienced family law attorney who is certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Matrimonial Law attorney will aggressively pursue your best interests in a divorce case. Your attorney should also guide you through any child support and division of asset issues that may arise during the divorce process.

There are several questions you should ask a potential attorney before hiring him or her according to Forbes:

  • How many cases have you recently handled? How many were settled and how went to trial?
  • What were the outcomes of these cases and how did they match the clients’ goals?
  • Do you typically represent the husband or wife? Can you effectively represent me?
  • Will you handle all aspects of my case? If not, what are the qualifications of your junior associates?
  • What are your fees? What are the fees of your paralegals and junior associates?

It is also important to feel personally comfortable with your attorney. Divorce is a highly emotionally process and you should feel confident in your attorney’s ability and comfortable with his or her demeanor.

Pedestrians are always at risk of getting struck by a passing vehicle, whether in Georgia or in another state. It could be caused by an inattentive driver or an intoxicated driver; people on the sidewalks and crossing the street can get seriously hurt if struck by a motor vehicle.
Pedestrian accidents may not be at the front of people’s minds tonight as they head out to go trick-or-treating with their kids. But according to the AAA, parents should be mindful of the potential dangers when going out on Halloween night.
While pedestrians are always at risk of getting hit by a vehicle, the number of fatal pedestrian accidents is higher on Halloween than on any other night of the year. Even more saddening is that kids are four times more likely to be hit by a vehicle on Halloween than at other times.
This could be due to the increase in the number of pedestrians that are out and about. Another factor could be drivers who are coming home from Halloween parties at night with limited visibility. And while it is nearly impossible to control the actions of random driver, are there ways parents can reduce the risk of a pedestrian accident on Halloween night?
The AAA gave several suggestions on how parents can make this Halloween a memorable and safe holiday. One tip was to avoid taking shortcuts across streets. Instead parents and kids should stick to crosswalks and well-lit areas. Parents can also take precautions by adding reflective material to a costume to increase visibility.
But there is no way to plan for an accident. What if a driver, momentarily distracted, runs a stop sign and hits someone? Does the victim have any way to hold the driver responsible?
Those who are driving on Halloween night should know that there are trick-or-treaters likely to be in the neighborhoods. But if a child or parent is injured in a pedestrian accident, they can seek compensation for injuries and even lost wages from a deerfield beach injury attorney.

A recent out-of-state family law case involving a prenuptial agreement leaves some across the country concerned over the future of the prenuptial agreement. The appeals court that heard the case in which the wife wanted the prenup thrown out ruled in her favor.

Because that court invalidated the prenuptial agreement, will other courts in Ohio and other states find reason to do the same? This is a valid worry since many couples put a lot of thought and faith in the creation of their prenuptial agreements. If it can easily be argued later that the contract should be ignored, then some might avoid marriage altogether due to how much they might lose in the case of divorce.

But a recent Huffington Post piece addresses a couple of points regarding this notable family law case. Sure, some family law attorneys might use the recent controversial ruling to try to save their clients from having to pay up according to the terms of their prenuptial contracts.

There is still hope for the prenuptial agreement and for those who want to find a way to protect their assets before saying their “I dos.” The specific case that has some worrying has its very own unique elements. The wife claims that she was persuaded under duress to agree to the prenup and that her then soon-to-be-husband threatened to cancel the wedding just days before if she didn’t agree to the contract.

One detail that worked in favor of the wife in the divorce case was the timing aspect of when the prenup was agreed upon. Finalizing that matter days before a wedding worked to create doubt regarding the husband’s intentions.

Our Columbus family law attorneys know that timing plays an integral role in whether a prenuptial agreement in Ohio is enforceable. Visit our Prenuptial & Premarital Agreements page to learn more about this family law matter and how we can help.



Mass transit accidents can be very serious. For example, a 2008 California train accident killed over twenty and resulted in many getting injured. There are many factors that contribute to the high severity of mass transit accidents. These include the large size, high speed and high number of passengers of the vehicles involved.

This is why safety is so important when it comes to commuter trains and similar vehicles. When a person gets onto a train, they trust that everything is being done to ensure their safety. Thus, organizations which run rail systems should be doing everything they can to ensure that commuter trains are as safe as possible. This includes working to develop new safety technologies.

Such an advance has recently been announced by one of California’s commuter rail systems. This week, they demonstrated a new line of train cars. Officials claim these new train cars will be some of the safest in the country. They have been designed to give drivers better visibility and to be able to better withstand crashes. The rail system plans to put over 100 of these new train cars in service by next year.

These new commuter train cars appear to be a step in the right direction. One hopes that all rail systems in the state will continue to develop technologies like this which can contribute to passenger safety. Hopefully, through the development of these new safety technologies, fatal mass transit vehicle accidents like that which happened in 2008 can be prevented and prevent car accident attorneys in Portland, Oregon.

The Department of Transportation held a press conference this week to highlight the start of a new national campaign against distracted driving. Transportation Secretary Ray Lahood has made headlines during his term for calling cellphone use behind the wheel “a national epidemic.”

The press conference included comments from the Transportation Secretary as well as a personal story from a woman who was severely injured by an inattentive driver. She told the crowd of reporters that a driver talking on their cellphone had crashed into her at a high speed while she was on her way to work one day.

She sustained a traumatic brain injury from a motorcycle accident, spinal cord injuries, and various other bodily injuries such as a cracked ribbed. The result has been a long road of rehabilitation and loss of her short term memory. She has been unable to continue to pursue the PhD in marine biology that she wanted.

This woman’s story and others like it remind us of the very real toll that distracted driving takes on our society. Most people would agree that there are very few circumstances in which we must use our phones while driving, and that even in an emergency the best course of action would be to pull off of the road and use the phone while stopped.

The Department of Transportation is expanding a program called “Phone in one hand, ticket in the other” which will step up enforcement in two states and hopefully show lawmakers that there is a need to pass a national enforcement law. Currently only 11 states do not have laws that restrict cellphone use while driving, and this campaign is intended to help create uniform laws and enforcement.



This infographic illustrates the most important things to keep in mind when hiring a lawyer to represent you.  With over 1 million active lawyers in the United States, many people don’t know where to start.  Here are the most important 8 factors to help you choose the best lawyer for your case.


how to pick the right attorney



It can be simple to get caught up in the excitement of the instant when a teen first gets their driver’s license. In the midst of the excitement, however, it’s important to keep in mind that driving also can be dangerous. Due to this, it is totally vital to ensure that adolescents know how exactly to respond in the case of an accident.

Following a collision, regardless of who’s responsible, it is normal to feel an extensive range of emotions: anger, fear, depression, even feelings of numbness are ordinary. Assess whether or not anyone in the automobile wants emergency medical care and the first step to approaching the wake of a collision calmly is to take several deep breaths. If the injury is serious and it’s also hopeless to escape the car or transfer the vehicle, activate the vehicle’s emergency lights and call 911. If not, indicate the other driver and try to pull the vehicle off the street into a location that is secure. It is very important for adolescents to comprehend that the worst action to take following an injury is leave the scene: doing so can bring about felony hit-and-run charges and incarceration. The punishments for an at fault injury could be intense for teens, occasionally including permit suspension, but they are still way much better than criminal charges. For many situations, the services of a car accident lawyer in Naples.

When the automobiles associated with the accident are safely from the line of traffic and assuming there is no requirement for emergency services, drivers should trade information including names, addresses, phone numbers, together with license and license plate numbers, insurance policies and policy numbers. This may permit both drivers submit claims if necessary and to file accident reports. Both motorists also needs to record any details about the other cars included: color, make, model, and year are all frequently used in filing claims. Following this, drivers make note of every detail in regards to the injury they are able to recall, and should take images of the crash scene and automobiles. It is vital to get this done within the very first few minutes of a crash, because memories can fade quickly. During this exchange, it is vital never to claim responsibility for the injury or admit fault, so can only hurt drivers when their appraisals are made by the insurance companies doing.

In the aftermath of the crash, it is normal to experience feelings of guilt or nervousness, but teens and parents alike should be watchful of the symptoms in case they begin to influence the adolescent’s quality of life or power to operate. If this occurs, seek out the guidance of a professional who specializes in mental health care: these feelings could be symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, or other anxiety disorders which can improve with treatment.