New California Commuter Trains Hope to Improve Passenger Safety

Mass transit accidents can be very serious. For example, a 2008 California train accident killed over twenty and resulted in many getting injured. There are many factors that contribute to the high severity of mass transit accidents. These include the large size, high speed and high number of passengers of the vehicles involved.

This is why safety is so important when it comes to commuter trains and similar vehicles. When a person gets onto a train, they trust that everything is being done to ensure their safety. Thus, organizations which run rail systems should be doing everything they can to ensure that commuter trains are as safe as possible. This includes working to develop new safety technologies.

Such an advance has recently been announced by one of California’s commuter rail systems. This week, they demonstrated a new line of train cars. Officials claim these new train cars will be some of the safest in the country. They have been designed to give drivers better visibility and to be able to better withstand crashes. The rail system plans to put over 100 of these new train cars in service by next year.

These new commuter train cars appear to be a step in the right direction. One hopes that all rail systems in the state will continue to develop technologies like this which can contribute to passenger safety. Hopefully, through the development of these new safety technologies, fatal mass transit vehicle accidents like that which happened in 2008 can be prevented and prevent car accident attorneys in Portland, Oregon.